Lawrence Scarpa, Architect . Pugh + Scarpa
Architecture Engineering

January 2003 through July 2004

5,800 square feet


Three story hillside residence, exposed cast-in-place concrete walls and steel frame with wood infill. Custom made steel doors (eight doors are six feet wide and twenty-two feet tall) infinity edge pool with reflecting pond. Integral color plaster throughout with perforated copper panel exterior, custom wood furniture pieces.
View from Amanda Drive: brown/red patina copper, cast-in-place concrete is board formed and sandblasted, cantilevered, free standing study has integral colored flex-I-rock plaster over tyvek.
A true hybrid structure: the steel and wood framing are erected concurrently. With the second floor sheeting installed the client gets the first chance to enjoy the view (as does Victor of V&V Steel).
The steel and wood frame structure sits on 28 caissons with and 250 linear feet of retaining walls. Note the spa shell and cast in place barbeque counters with integral sinks.
Beyond the scaffold we see the columns that support the cantilevered corner which also supports the top hung glass doors: the major design element of the project.
These are the concrete retaining walls prior to back-fill and waterproofing. Although built like a basement, the open side with views of the San Gabriel Mountains beyond make the space quite spectacular.
View from the study bridge: living room steel & glass, top hung sliding doors are eight feet wide by twenty-two feet tall, the eight doors telescope and roll at the touch of a finger.
View in courtyard towards the spa and mountains: limestone courtyard is an open grout system with drainage below.
View from the livingroom with all doors open: double cantilever roof structure allows for the open corner, exterior limestone carries into the sunken seating area, fireplace is cast-in-place concrete with C.N.C. form-work.
View from the downhill slope looking up at the livingroom with the guest quarters below the master suite.
Master bedroom view into open master bathroom: mahogany floors, four aluminum air conditioning vents near the floor allow for the wide adjustment, to the right is the custom limestone bathtub/spa.