Richard Meier & Partners Architects, LLP

12 months

5,000 square feet


This project is a 5,400 square foot addition to the existing 6,200 square foot Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills. An existing building immediately to the South on Camden Drive was stripped down to bare structure leaving only the bow-string truss roof and masonry demising walls. The new main gallery for exhibitions at street level is backed by three stories of support offices and a private gallery on the east side of the building. The primary design elements include large skylights (75’X18’) on the South and a façade that opens to Camden drive by way of a large rolling glass door (22’X16’). The existing roof structure was meticulously restored and stained and provides an elegant compliment to the new white gallery walls.


The existing gallery to the left, the new to the right.
We are far enough along with demolition that we can start the work of extending the masonry walls.
The existing bow-string truss roof can be seen on the left. The large skylights will occupy the space between the roof and the existing property-line wall.
Scaffolding for the masonry work takes two full days to erect. Above, the location of the new skylights.
Palladino revised his original notion of coving the existing steel structure with plaster and instead we stripped the orange paint and gave it a lacquer clear coat.
The Structural Steel is installed and the wood Framing is about seventy five percent complete.
The front façade includes a thirty foot sliding glass door
The existing building was demolished except for the roof structure.
Uncolored concrete with clear sealed and waxed floors.
Massive skylights with UV rated glass provide rich natural lighting.
The up-lit wooden roof structure provide a warm light.
The steel cross braces provide structure in the absence of a roof.
Fantastic art by Nancy Rubins for the opening show.
The space seemed designed around this fine art work.